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Diablo 3 will be more refined

# 30/07/2012 à 04:04 Diablo 3 (site web)
Remember a while back when THQ financial crisis intensified, the new CEO Jason Rubin came to power said it will cut many of the works, including Diablo 2, the sequel?

  It seems things have taken a favorable turn recently chief designer Haydn Dalton said that if the Diablo 2 on sale of four million, the next generation works diablo 3 equipment can be said that the thing of a certainty.

  However, he hoped the president Jason Rubin, able to detect the momentum of the current team too quick success worldview construction, "we should reduce the size of diablo 3 gold to be more compact and sophisticated."

  He also said that the Diablo 2 world map is really "too great", allegedly four times that of the first generation in the Dark! This is also the THQ for the extension of the sale of one of the main reasons.

  From the players point of view, reduce the size of buy diablo 3 goldseem a weakened, but in fact, if the game world is smaller, we will be able to focus more on the interaction to create the player with the world's environment , "he added.
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